Sunday, May 17, 2015

Behar Poem

Behar Poem: A Unique Take On Shmittah

There's an age old question- who are you?
Unfortunately many people don't have a clue

We think we're our clothes or our house or our car
But many of us don't really know who we are

And most people have a funny quirk
They define themselves by their work

While being a doctor or a lawyer may be what you do
It does not answer the question- who are you?

Being a farmer used to be the job everyone had
It wasn't their definition, didn't make them good or bad

It what never true that what a person was
could be summed up by what he or she does

Shmittah was a year when everyone took a rest
And this provided a profound test

People had to define who they were inside
We have our own potential, from this we can't hide

Every seven years they took a break
It was time to be real, not fake

May we be inspired by Shmittah to know who we are
And in our unique service of G-d to travel far.