Thursday, November 15, 2007

VaYeitei Too

When Yaakov sends word that he's arrived he refers to himself as Lavan's brother. Rashi explains that while he wasn't Lavan's brother (but his nephew) he's making a point. He's telling Lavan that he's willing to go round for round with him, to meet him in his own game. This touched me. It seemed to be a continuation of the ability to play with the bad boys that he had to develop in his dealing with Eisav.
Here's a poem I wrote on this topic:
When others are difficult you have to walk their mile
Not let them push you down and then just smile
Yaakov told Lavan I will be tricky too
If you mess with me I'll mess with you
To become who he was Yaakov learned to deal
With people who surreptitiously lie and steal
We too must be realistic and also suspect
While still treating others with proper respect.

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