Thursday, May 15, 2008

G'nite and G-d Bless

Hello, yeah, it's been a while...not about you?

Getting ready for bed after a long day. Many years ago I told dear Jeff Korbman that I'd had a long day and he replied - "Neil, it wasn't longer or shorter than any other day."

Yesterday (Wednesday) an administrator bumped into me and said Id done a good job in the morning. I had no idea what was specifically being referenced. In the end the compliment (always appreciated) was about being the point man at minyan. Minyan was at 7:45. By 3:45, when the comment was made, I'd taught four courses, had one Torah guidance meeting with two students together, another meeting with a student in which we organized her notes for the upcoming test - sheyavo aleinu letovah. In that time I also wrote two college recommendations and more (OK - I admit it, I ate, and chatted with colleagues - Bill Roper in particular - and took a half hour power walk with 2 of the office managers. Then I wet to make a shiva visit.


We sat, not in silence,
We spoke, not somberly
He recalled as much as he wanted
about his 92 year old dad

And then we kibbitzed;
Jewish denominations,
school politics,
and an hour went by smoothly

And it seems to me
there was little guilt
in any aspect of
this shiva visit

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